Unfriended, Rachel Vail




It feels awesome to be friended.  To be dumped?  Not so much. 

When Truly is asked to join the Popular Table, she’s beyond psyched.  Sure, she has to abandon her quirky best friend, Hazel, to get there, but hopefully Hazel won’t mind.  Anyway, her new friends are fun, smart, and really nice . . . right? 

Or could sweet Natasha be up to her old manipulative tricks again?  What about tough-guy Jack, perfect Brooke, super-chill Clay?  Is anybody simply what they seem to be? 

Unfriended is Rachel Vail’s harrowing, hilarious story of friendship in middle school, told by six narrators – four girls and two boys – who keep some secrets locked tight inside, but not all.  Not the most embarrassing ones.  When friendships fracture and trust is betrayed, the drama is exciting – but also veering out of control. 

And nobody has the full truth.