Triumph and Demise: The broken promise of a Labor generation, Paul Kelly




Drawing on more than sixty on-the-record interviews with all the major players, Triumph and Demise is
full of remarkable disclosures. It is the inside account of the hopes,
achievements and bitter failures of the Labor Government from 2007 to
2013. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard came together to defeat John Howard,
formed a brilliant partnership and raised the hopes of the nation. Yet
they fell into tension and then hostility under the pressures of
politics and policy.
journalist Paul Kelly probes the dynamics of the Rudd-Gillard
partnership and dissects what tore them apart. He tells the full story
of Julia Gillard’s tragedy as our first female prime minister—her
character, Rudd’s destabilisation, the carbon tax saga and how Gillard
was finally pulled down on the eve of the 2013 election.
documents the most misunderstood event in these years—the rise of Tony
Abbott and the reason for his success. It was Abbott’s performance that
denied Rudd and Gillard the chance to recover. Labor misjudged Abbott
and paid the price.
Kelly writes with a
keen eye and fearless determination. His central theme is that
Australian politics has entered a crisis of the system that, unless
corrected, will diminish the lives of all Australians.