The Red Queen: Obernewtyn (Book 7), Isobelle Carmody


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Before Elspeth Gordie can continue her journey to find Sentinel
and prevent it unleashing the horrors of the Great White, she
must fight free of a strange prison, where people are laid to sleep
forever or cling to a suffocating existence, believing the world
beyond their walls is already utterly annihilated.
But at the end of her journey, nothing is as she imagined. She is
drawn into the struggle for a kingdom, only to find the Destroyer
is at the heart of the turmoil, waiting for her.
Somehow she must do what she has sworn to do, for the sake
of the world and all of its creatures. She must complete her quest,
no matter what it costs . . .
The highly anticipated dramatic conclusion to the much-loved Obernewtyn Chronicles from award-winning and bestselling author Isobelle Carmody. Drawing to a close the journey of Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits, The Red Queen will surprise and thrill readers right to the very last page.