Surf by Day, Jam by Night, Ash Grunwald


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Music and surfing. To Ash Grunwald, they’re the peaches and cream of the perfect lifestyle cruising down the coast in a beat-up old van with a surfboard and a guitar, not a care in the world. If this idea appeals, you’re going to love this celebration of all things music and surfing. From Kelly Slater to Steph Gilmore, Jack Johnson, Dave Rastovich, Jaleesa Vincent and G. Love, each chapter of Surf by Day, Jam by Night focuses on a prominent surfing musician or musical surfer as they ruminate with Ash on the power of chasing salt waves and creating sound waves.
As a touring blues muso with a deep respect for the ocean, Ash’s life revolves around these two great passions, and he’s met exceptional characters along the way. In this book he takes you inside the hearts and minds of the greatest surfing musicians and musical surfers of our time. Come on a journey with these legends of sea and stage as they talk flow states, shredding, spirituality, fame, mindfulness, board shaping, amp making, big wave adventures and much more.
Along the way, you’ll get anecdotes, new perspectives and little pearls of wisdom that will both inspire and surprise. It’s a compelling ride with the greats, guaranteed to get you frothing!