Machines Like Me, Ian McEwan

28/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

Ian McEwan loves playing with his reader’s minds. “Machines Like Me” is no exception. It’s the 1980’s, Britain has lost the Falklands War and Alan Turing is creating artificially intelligent robots whose owner can determine it’s personality. Things start to get pretty intense when the robot’s feelings come to the fore.McEwan poses lots of moral … Read More

Prefecture D, Hideo Yokoyama

19/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

Hideo Yokoyama is a writer completely obsessed with the intricacies of office politics. His novels look at the back-office of the police and media organizations. It’s not so much about the crime or the news story, it’s about rank, hierarchy, saving face and position in the office.Once you’re in his world, you’ll also become obsessed. … Read More

Metropolis, Philip Kerr

18/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

I’ve just finished Metropolis, and what a farewell book.Sadly Philip Kerr died last year, so this is the last Bernie Gunther book. This superb series of fourteen books traces the rise and fall of Nazi Germany through the eyes of Bernie Gunther, an anti-Nazi policeman, who is forced to work, at the same time, for … Read More

The Shepherd’s Hut, Tim Winton

10/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

What do you think? Tim Winton on that cover. ‘People keep asking about the goat, and I just shrug. I mean, what can I say? There’s no reason that’s likely to satisfy anyone, nothing objective anyway. I loved the red hardback cover and we all worked pretty hard to get that rich treatment based on … Read More

The Boy in the Headlights

09/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

Samuel Bjork has set another intriguing task for his police team of Munch and Kruger to solve.This time the crime reaches way back into Mia Kruger’s murky past. The team must race to solve the mystery before any more random bodies turn up. The Boy in the Headlights, Samuel Bjork, $32.99 Other books in the … Read More

Roald Dahl’s Writing Hut

02/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

Roald Dahl spoke of the Hut with great affection, describing it as ‘my little nest, my womb’, and it is now one of our most treasured objects in the Museum. Not only does it show where Roald Dahl wrote his stories, it also provides a glimpse of how he used a very private and personal … Read More

Why I like to read books

02/04/2019By Lorne Beach BooksWhat we're reading

I really love to drift away into the fantasy world of a book. This is what I think is the best about reading but there are other advantages about reading. To begin with it’s very relaxing. You can sit down at a quiet place and just forget about the world around you for a while.