Lorne Beach Books 'Regional Bookseller of the Year' Australian Book Industry Awards 2013

The Feast Goes On, Monday Morning Cooking Club

49.99 AUD
Written with the same generosity of spirit as the Monday Morning Cooking Club, this book contains recipes for feasting, food for comfort, traditional recipes, precious family recipes, everyday food and food for fressing - a Yiddish word for the food that you don’t actually need, but love to eat and find it hard to stop eating … delicious and more-ish dips, schmears, spreads, breads, cakes and buns, biscuits and slices. 
This book is all about the connections we make through food, and the importance of preserving favorite and treasured recipes - which otherwise are in danger of being lost or forgotten as an older generation die off - and the stories of a community. While all the recipes will be drawn from the Jewish community, the contributors come from many, many different cultures, which give the book and the recipes a real richness, range and depth of flavors - this is a real heirloom cookbook of the best, most treasured, family recipes.