Lorne Beach Books 'Regional Bookseller of the Year' Australian Book Industry Awards 2013

Standing in for Lincoln Green, David Mackintosh

14.99 AUD

Lincoln Green has a double, someone who looks just like him, a match. SNAP! Lincoln′s own mother can′t tell the difference between him and...You Know Who. Which is great for Lincoln Green. He has much more important things to do than tidying up, putting away and sorting out, so they′re all going on the list for his trusty stand-in.

But Lincoln Green′s not the only one who doesn′t like doing things they don′t like doing... It′s not long before You Know Who has teamed up with Billy the Kid Next Door, which is a lot more fun than doing things for Lincoln Green, that′s for sure. And that′s when Lincoln Green finds himself in BIG trouble...!