Lorne Beach Books 'Regional Bookseller of the Year' Australian Book Industry Awards 2013

North Korea Undercover, John Sweeney

19.99 AUD
In March 2013 award-winning BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney went undercover to gain unprecedented access to North Korea. Posing as a university professor, Sweeney saw the reality behind the world's most secret state. He spoke to people who have seen the horrific dark side of the regime and saw things which have been hidden for years from the eyes of the western world: huge factories with no staff or electricity; uniformed child soldiers working in a zoo; and the world-famous and eerily empty DMZ – the De-Militarized Zone where North Korea ends and South Korea starts – all framed by the relentless flow of regime propaganda from omnipresent and crackly loudspeakers.

Sweeney also visited South Korea and met defectors from the North who told him the other side of the story: gulags within a gulag state, dire poverty, blunted lives, hideous torture, effective infanticide of disabled babies, stick-limbed children dying of famine and mass graves of political prisoners that could only be dug when the spring thaw set in.