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Grill Smoke BBQ,  Ben Tish

Grill Smoke BBQ, Ben Tish

45 AUD

Wood-fired ovens, barbecues and grills over burning embers are allthe rage in London’s professional kitchens, and it’s not just the heat that counts; the smoke from seasoned logs and charcoal is an ingredient in its own right.

Ben Tish is leading the way, taking inspiration from Spanish and Italian methods of cooking over charcoal in creating the critically acclaimed Ember Yard in Soho.

Venturing beyond the ubiquitous pulled pork, brisket and wings, Grill Smoke BBQ favours lighter dishes, with more fish, vegetables and even desserts, taking inspiration from Ben’s travels over parts of Spain and Italy where cooking over an open flame is second nature, including the Basque Country, Rioja, Tuscany and Piedmont.

Try Smoked cod with white beans and clams, Roasted buttermilk parsnips with manchego, Perfect bbq paella, Hot smoked pork belly with cider and apples and Smoky bitter chocolate pudding with melting whipped cream, plus Ember Yard classics like the famous Jamón butter and Smoked burger with Spanish cheese.