Cars: A Complete History, Simon Heptinstall




Cars: A Complete History in 50 Easy-to-Make Models is a spectacular drive-through history of cars, decade by decade. Its unique format incorporates two books in one. Hit the road for a drive through history with 50 iconic cars, from Ford’s 1908 Model T to Rolls-Royce’s 2013 Wraith. The collector’s guide details each car’s place in automobile history and the detachable model compendium contains press-out pieces to make 50 ultra-stylish 3-D models.

  • You can build a 3D car history by making 50 fabulous press-out-and-fold models that feature the most innovative and iconic cars in history.
  • After the model pages are removed, you have a compact, colourful, information-packed car history to keep. This contains production details plus key features of each car such as engine capacity, top speed, famous owners, records held and cult status.